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Language-specific articles should not be tagged with this category. Instead use Category:Language-adjective literature and the appropriate genre category, e.g. [[:Category:Language-adjective songs and poems]]. This is for easier future organisation when the amount of literature grows to an amount where language-wise sorting is useful. The sub-categories in turn should use [[:Category:Literature]].

Thus we get:

  • [[Category:Literature]]
    • [[Category:Fén literature]]
      • [[Category:Fén myths and songs]]
        • Actual article

But, another sorting possibility is available.

  • [[Category:Literature]]
    • [[Category:Myths and songs]]
      • [[Category:Fén myths and songs]]
        • Actual article

Thus one may browse by either language or by area of interest.

Category:General literature should be used for works that do not fit any of the other categories. It is a current catch-all until category pages can be created to fully index the library. The reason for its existence is to avoid littering up this category.


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