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Even when issues arise is passage representing a common communistic philosophical narrative in Danterian culture and acting as a non-minimal pangram for the Dãterške language. Little is known about the origin of the text, other than that it was originally written in English by the author Comrade kari edwards and published in a collection of poems known as Bharat Jiva; the original text was then modified & translated by Elliott Wheeler to better fit the narrative and suit the language.

Due to the passage's length, it's been hypothesized that the text could act as a pangram in any language if translated accordingly. In both the writing style of kari edwards and Dãterške, the poem is traditionally written entirely in lowercase-monocase, unless the target language's typographic convention demands otherwise.


Even when issues arise

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Dãterške (Original)

.шԇөтңжелф хжалд'с ды җӀұйец бољата и тсъу щ цэ йицбһӧњэтьиц ўупрәвльяћщӀә њэд-чэрішуры, гбә хжалд'с нһам йицбһӧњэт фңыӵусты. .нжіжӭђң радєұ мыр публ всиҝхљњ, мыр ёщӕы йҝеһтӕы һэхөӵ'с дре щІыҝӕмӥљң њэд-всиҝ, я мыр нһам кңњљіндӕы сім'ьяр ды цэ фрау'с и публ всиҝ, эсі җидңо'с ды дихтатщӀә љци ӹвнҝӕы ԇегэњжиҝ'с ды сфобєдщӀә атӕ и дыщӥхт, дре блӕзңӕы ӕәбатхљњ дља ўэрхљњ эсі єұйгсңұвдԇңӹӑ. .нжіжӭђң радєұ ўыр цэ публ всиҝхљњ, мыр інэ мархсӕы фра'ущӀә ды хңдвъэһрһитьі жљд тсъу лицкнөсе ды інэ тав зьэрхаҗӀбӕ ды інэ љіөвџвравңғӕы зьэрхаҗӀ һрецхљњ ћӀ сфэх вбецясчьон дља цэ совьет-публ и щ дантэр-публ всиҝ. .нжіжӭђң радєұ ўыр эхі всиҝхљњ етихрн, мыр грлдэнвӕы єљд ктєтєнӕы ұмџцӕы итӀєчһа'с, ҝелф эхі віӭрбхљњ церг эхі рэстӀєчһа'с ӵњӑәйн, я вӥ рамһа њӭ інэ здзӥ'алсэ'их ўэрих њэд-стан эхі ыӵуст, эхі інэ пһрңосеһал ды хөнраџхљњ ды ікӀеўих кшыҗӀизмо тсъу щрьєхӕы цдиһњӕы иђётщІә жљд чанһа'с дља кңњампфрау'их дєљхљњ даўӹлњ. ¡ўыр цэ ғӹцџажмщӀә ӭ'яҗӀдэљ!

English (Original)

even when issues arise and obedience can not be secured by the bludgeon, the bludgeon remains. when we mention the people, we do not mean particularly itinerant bodies in mechanic flux, we mean the confessional body of the people, preaching authority beyond flesh pamphlets of freedom, concealed in blind devotion to distraction. when we mean the people, we mean a people knowing their own strength cast as day laborers, or knowing to a greater part of a lesser known part playing paid intercourse in all connections for the people by the people. when we mean, we mean broke or abrasive worn, once open scream representatives, now incarcerated in a rationalistic shadow land, given a history that merges extruder merchandising with wholesale lots comrade of intermittent idiocy, or objects comrade for understudy beatings. we must demolish the status quo!