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Pronunciation /çəme:liθ/
Created by IlL
Setting Lõis
Language family
  • Semitic
    • Central Semitic
      • North Semitic
        • Togarmite
ISO 639-3

Xmėliz /çəme:liθ/, or lsėnyn xmėlizyn /ˈləse:nən çəme:liθən/ 'the Northern Language', is a North Semitic language, closely related to Cretan. It is inspired by Maltese, Germanic languages and Wiobian.

ʔ b g d h w z ž t j x l m n s gh f c k r x þ


  • gdėl = big
  • kdės = (formal, mathematics) specific, particular, chosen (not arbitrary)
  • mkodas = holy, sacred (from Old Semehliþ muquddaš)
    • mkosyn = expletive/swear word like "damn"

big in ßaþwiþ:

  • gedehl / gedehlen
  • gedehlt / gedehlten
  • gedehli / gedehlil
  • gedehlehþ / gedehlehþil