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Maryan Coptic

Alternate forms


Inherited from Arabic فضاء (faḍāʾ).

  • Estimated pronunciation evolution:
    • (Old Egyptian, c. 2500 B.C.E.) IPA: /faˈtʼaːʀuw/
    • (Middle Egyptian, c. 1700 B.C.E.) IPA: /faˈtʼaːʀuw/
    • (Medio-Late Egyptian, c. 1350 B.C.E.) IPA: /fəˈtʼaːʔəʔ/
    • (Late Egyptian, c. 800 B.C.E.) IPA: /fəˈtʼoːʔ/
    • (Early Demotic, c. 450 B.C.E.) IPA: /fəˈtʼoːʔ/
    • (Late Demotic / Old Maryan, c. 100 B.C.E.) IPA: /ftʼoːʔ/



ϥⲧⲱ (ftō) m.

  1. space (cosmic)

Derived terms