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[[Category:Valthungian words]]
[[Category:Valthungian words]]
[[Category:Valthungian verbs]]  
[[Category:Valthungian verbs]]  
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From Middle Valthungian ''dorsn'' from Old Valthungian and Griutungi ''dorsan'', cf. Gothic ''daursan'' from Proto-Germanic ''durzaną''.
From Middle Valthungian ''dorsn'' from Old Valthungian and [[Griutungi]] ''dorsan'', cf. Gothic ''daursan'' from Proto-Germanic ''durzaną''.

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From Middle Valthungian dorsn from Old Valthungian and Griutungi dorsan, cf. Gothic daursan from Proto-Germanic durzaną.


(Valthungian) IPA: /ˈdo̞rs.nɑ/


dorsna v.i.

  1. to dare
  2. to be brave


Preterit-Present Verb: dorsna ‘to dare’
Infinitive   Indicative Subjunctive
dorsna   Present
1sg. dars dœrša
Present Participle 2sg. darst dœrsis
dorsnaþs 3sg. dars dorse
1pl. dorsum dœrsim
Past Participle 2pl. dorsuþ dœrsiþ
dorst 3pl. dorsun dœrsin
Imperative 1sg. dorsta dœrsča
dors 2sg. dorstas dœrstis
dorsaða 3sg. dorsta dorste
dorsum 1pl. dorstum dœrstim
dorsuþ 2pl. dorstuþ dœrstiþ
dorsanþa 3pl. dorstun dœrstin