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* [[Guide:IPA|IPA]]: /drɪɳkɘn/
* [[Guide:IPA|IPA]]: /drɪŋkɘn/

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From Middle Skundavisk drinken, from Old Skundavisk drinkan, from Halmisk drinkan, from Proto-Germanic *drinkaną.


  • IPA: /drɪŋkɘn/


drinken (class 3 strong, third-person singular simple present drinkt, past tense drank, past participle gedrunken, past subjunctive drænke, auxiliary haven)

  1. to drink
    Thar is neething te drinken.
    There is nothing to drink.


infinitive drinken
present participle drinkend
past participle gedrunken
auxiliary haven
indicative subjunctive
present ik drinke wi drinken ik drinke wi drinken
thou drinkst ji drinkt thou drinkst ji drinkt
hi, si, hit drinkt si, Si drinken hi, si, hit drinke si, Si drinken
preterit ik drank wi dranken ik drænke wi drænken
thou drankst ji drankt thou drænkest ji drænket
hi, si, hit drank si, Si dranken hi, si, hit drænke si, Si drænken
imperative drink drinkt (ji)

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