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From Nentammmi *ggúmô. Cognate to Noanglo ghù³, Ravihkeo jui.


  • (Gwaxol) IPA(key): /gum˥˩˧/



  1. to hesitate
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gum⁶ inflection
INF/IMPRS sigum-⁶ FORM/QUOT -ën-¹ sigum⁶ CAUS -gumlöy-⁶ AG gumyi-⁶ GER gumtikw-⁶ N (Quality) gumhu-⁶ ADJ (Consistency) -gumox⁶ ADJ (Similarity) -gumne⁶ ADJ (Tendency) -nwögum⁶ PTCP sigum-⁶ hos
1 senggumi⁶ segumi⁶ sekwgumi⁶ selgumi⁶ saggumi⁶ sogumi⁶ sekgumi⁶ senggum⁶ segum⁶ sekwgum⁶ selgum⁶ saggum⁶ sogum⁶ sekgum⁶ senggumsi⁶ segumsi⁶ sekwgumsi⁶ selgumsi⁶ saggumsi⁶ sogumsi⁶ sekgumsi⁶
2 kwënggumi⁶ kwërgumi⁶ kwësgumi⁶ kwëkwgumi⁶ kwëlgumi⁶ kwën'gumi⁶ kwogumi⁶ kwësgumi⁶ kwënggum⁶ kwërgum⁶ kwësgum⁶ kwëkwgum⁶ kwëlgum⁶ kwën'gum⁶ kwogum⁶ kwësgum⁶ kwënggumsi⁶ kwërgumsi⁶ kwësgumsi⁶ kwëkwgumsi⁶ kwëlgumsi⁶ kwën'gumsi⁶ kwogumsi⁶ kwësgumsi⁶
HUM kwargumi⁶ kwakwgumi⁶ kwasgumi⁶ kwan'gumi⁶ kwaggumi⁶ kwasgumi⁶ kwargum⁶ kwakwgum⁶ kwasgum⁶ kwan'gum⁶ kwaggum⁶ kwasgum⁶ kwargumsi⁶ kwakwgumsi⁶ kwasgumsi⁶ kwan'gumsi⁶ kwaggumsi⁶ kwasgumsi⁶
ANIM1 nanggumi⁶ nasgumi⁶ nakwgumi⁶ nalgumi⁶ nan'gumi⁶ nogumi⁶ nalgumi⁶ nanggum⁶ nasgum⁶ nakwgum⁶ nalgum⁶ nan'gum⁶ nogum⁶ nalgum⁶ nanggumsi⁶ nasgumsi⁶ nakwgumsi⁶ nalgumsi⁶ nan'gumsi⁶ nogumsi⁶ nalgumsi⁶
ANIM2 ginggumi⁶ zegumi⁶ gwëgumi⁶ gikwgumi⁶ gin'gumi⁶ gigumi⁶ hogumi⁶ gigumi⁶ ginggum⁶ zegum⁶ gwëgum⁶ gikwgum⁶ gin'gum⁶ gigum⁶ hogum⁶ gigum⁶ ginggumsi⁶ zegumsi⁶ gwëgumsi⁶ gikwgumsi⁶ gin'gumsi⁶ gigumsi⁶ hogumsi⁶ gigumsi⁶
INAN1 honggumi⁶ hosgumi⁶ hokwgumi⁶ gwilgumi⁶ gwaggumi⁶ hogumi⁶ honggum⁶ hosgum⁶ hokwgum⁶ gwilgum⁶ gwaggum⁶ hogum⁶ honggumsi⁶ hosgumsi⁶ hokwgumsi⁶ gwilgumsi⁶ gwaggumsi⁶ hogumsi⁶
INAN2 xosgumi⁶ xokwgumi⁶ wilgumi⁶ waggumi⁶ xogumi⁶ gumi⁶ xosgum⁶ xokwgum⁶ wilgum⁶ waggum⁶ xogum⁶ gum⁶ xosgumsi⁶ xokwgumsi⁶ wilgumsi⁶ waggumsi⁶ xogumsi⁶ gumsi⁶
1 senggumküm⁶ segumküm⁶ sekwgumküm⁶ selgumküm⁶ saggumküm⁶ sogumküm⁶ sekgumküm⁶ senggumköm⁶ segumköm⁶ sekwgumköm⁶ selgumköm⁶ saggumköm⁶ sogumköm⁶ sekgumköm⁶ senggumküz⁶ segumküz⁶ sekwgumküz⁶ selgumküz⁶ saggumküz⁶ sogumküz⁶ sekgumküz⁶
2 kwënggumküm⁶ kwërgumküm⁶ kwësgumküm⁶ kwëkwgumküm⁶ kwëlgumküm⁶ kwën'gumküm⁶ kwogumküm⁶ kwësgumküm⁶ kwënggumköm⁶ kwërgumköm⁶ kwësgumköm⁶ kwëkwgumköm⁶ kwëlgumköm⁶ kwën'gumköm⁶ kwogumköm⁶ kwësgumköm⁶ kwënggumküz⁶ kwërgumküz⁶ kwësgumküz⁶ kwëkwgumküz⁶ kwëlgumküz⁶ kwën'gumküz⁶ kwogumküz⁶ kwësgumküz⁶
HUM kwargumküm⁶ kwakwgumküm⁶ kwasgumküm⁶ kwan'gumküm⁶ kwaggumküm⁶ kwasgumküm⁶ kwargumköm⁶ kwakwgumköm⁶ kwasgumköm⁶ kwan'gumköm⁶ kwaggumköm⁶ kwasgumköm⁶ kwargumküz⁶ kwakwgumküz⁶ kwasgumküz⁶ kwan'gumküz⁶ kwaggumküz⁶ kwasgumküz⁶
ANIM1 nanggumküm⁶ nasgumküm⁶ nakwgumküm⁶ nalgumküm⁶ nan'gumküm⁶ nogumküm⁶ nalgumküm⁶ nanggumköm⁶ nasgumköm⁶ nakwgumköm⁶ nalgumköm⁶ nan'gumköm⁶ nogumköm⁶ nalgumköm⁶ nanggumküz⁶ nasgumküz⁶ nakwgumküz⁶ nalgumküz⁶ nan'gumküz⁶ nogumküz⁶ nalgumküz⁶
ANIM2 ginggumküm⁶ zegumküm⁶ gwëgumküm⁶ gikwgumküm⁶ gin'gumküm⁶ gigumküm⁶ hogumküm⁶ gigumküm⁶ ginggumköm⁶ zegumköm⁶ gwëgumköm⁶ gikwgumköm⁶ gin'gumköm⁶ gigumköm⁶ hogumköm⁶ gigumköm⁶ ginggumküz⁶ zegumküz⁶ gwëgumküz⁶ gikwgumküz⁶ gin'gumküz⁶ gigumküz⁶ hogumküz⁶ gigumküz⁶
INAN1 honggumküm⁶ hosgumküm⁶ hokwgumküm⁶ gwilgumküm⁶ gwaggumküm⁶ hogumküm⁶ honggumköm⁶ hosgumköm⁶ hokwgumköm⁶ gwilgumköm⁶ gwaggumköm⁶ hogumköm⁶ honggumküz⁶ hosgumküz⁶ hokwgumküz⁶ gwilgumküz⁶ gwaggumküz⁶ hogumküz⁶
INAN2 xosgumküm⁶ xokwgumküm⁶ wilgumküm⁶ waggumküm⁶ xogumküm⁶ gumküm⁶ xosgumköm⁶ xokwgumköm⁶ wilgumköm⁶ waggumköm⁶ xogumköm⁶ gumköm⁶ xosgumküz⁶ xokwgumküz⁶ wilgumküz⁶ waggumküz⁶ xogumküz⁶ gumküz⁶
1 senggumzi⁶, senggum⁶ segumzi⁶, segum⁶ sekwgumzi⁶, sekwgum⁶ selgumzi⁶, selgum⁶ saggumzi⁶, saggum⁶ sogumzi⁶, sogum⁶ sekgumzi⁶, sekgum⁶ senggumxong⁶ segumxong⁶ sekwgumxong⁶ selgumxong⁶ saggumxong⁶ sogumxong⁶ sekgumxong⁶
2 kwënggumzi⁶, kwënggum⁶ kwërgumzi⁶, kwërgum⁶ kwësgumzi⁶, kwësgum⁶ kwëkwgumzi⁶, kwëkwgum⁶ kwëlgumzi⁶, kwëlgum⁶ kwën'gumzi⁶, kwën'gum⁶ kwogumzi⁶, kwogum⁶ kwësgumzi⁶, kwësgum⁶ kwënggumxong⁶ kwërgumxong⁶ kwësgumxong⁶ kwëkwgumxong⁶ kwëlgumxong⁶ kwën'gumxong⁶ kwogumxong⁶ kwësgumxong⁶
HUM kwargumzi⁶, kwargum⁶ kwakwgumzi⁶, kwakwgum⁶ kwasgumzi⁶, kwasgum⁶ kwan'gumzi⁶, kwan'gum⁶ kwaggumzi⁶, kwaggum⁶ kwasgumzi⁶, kwasgum⁶ kwargumxong⁶ kwakwgumxong⁶ kwasgumxong⁶ kwan'gumxong⁶ kwaggumxong⁶ kwasgumxong⁶
ANIM1 nanggumzi⁶, nanggum⁶ nasgumzi⁶, nasgum⁶ nakwgumzi⁶, nakwgum⁶ nalgumzi⁶, nalgum⁶ nan'gumzi⁶, nan'gum⁶ nogumzi⁶, nogum⁶ nalgumzi⁶, nalgum⁶ nanggumxong⁶ nasgumxong⁶ nakwgumxong⁶ nalgumxong⁶ nan'gumxong⁶ nogumxong⁶ nalgumxong⁶
ANIM2 ginggumzi⁶, ginggum⁶ zegumzi⁶, zegum⁶ gwëgumzi⁶, gwëgum⁶ gikwgumzi⁶, gikwgum⁶ gin'gumzi⁶, gin'gum⁶ gigumzi⁶, gigum⁶ hogumzi⁶, hogum⁶ gigumzi⁶, gigum⁶ ginggumxong⁶ zegumxong⁶ gwëgumxong⁶ gikwgumxong⁶ gin'gumxong⁶ gigumxong⁶ hogumxong⁶ gigumxong⁶
INAN1 honggumzi⁶, honggum⁶ hosgumzi⁶, hosgum⁶ hokwgumzi⁶, hokwgum⁶ gwilgumzi⁶, gwilgum⁶ gwaggumzi⁶, gwaggum⁶ hogumzi⁶, hogum⁶ honggumxong⁶ hosgumxong⁶ hokwgumxong⁶ gwilgumxong⁶ gwaggumxong⁶ hogumxong⁶
INAN2 xosgumzi⁶, xosgum⁶ xokwgumzi⁶, xokwgum⁶ wilgumzi⁶, wilgum⁶ waggumzi⁶, waggum⁶ xogumzi⁶, xogum⁶ gumzi⁶, gum⁶ xosgumxong⁶ xokwgumxong⁶ wilgumxong⁶ waggumxong⁶ xogumxong⁶ gumxong⁶
1 senggummi⁶ segummi⁶ sekwgummi⁶ selgummi⁶ saggummi⁶ sogummi⁶ sekgummi⁶ senggummï⁶ segummï⁶ sekwgummï⁶ selgummï⁶ saggummï⁶ sogummï⁶ sekgummï⁶ senggummis⁶ segummis⁶ sekwgummis⁶ selgummis⁶ saggummis⁶ sogummis⁶ sekgummis⁶
2 kwënggummi⁶ kwërgummi⁶ kwësgummi⁶ kwëkwgummi⁶ kwëlgummi⁶ kwën'gummi⁶ kwogummi⁶ kwësgummi⁶ kwënggummï⁶ kwërgummï⁶ kwësgummï⁶ kwëkwgummï⁶ kwëlgummï⁶ kwën'gummï⁶ kwogummï⁶ kwësgummï⁶ kwënggummis⁶ kwërgummis⁶ kwësgummis⁶ kwëkwgummis⁶ kwëlgummis⁶ kwën'gummis⁶ kwogummis⁶ kwësgummis⁶
HUM kwargummi⁶ kwakwgummi⁶ kwasgummi⁶ kwan'gummi⁶ kwaggummi⁶ kwasgummi⁶ kwargummï⁶ kwakwgummï⁶ kwasgummï⁶ kwan'gummï⁶ kwaggummï⁶ kwasgummï⁶ kwargummis⁶ kwakwgummis⁶ kwasgummis⁶ kwan'gummis⁶ kwaggummis⁶ kwasgummis⁶
ANIM1 nanggummi⁶ nasgummi⁶ nakwgummi⁶ nalgummi⁶ nan'gummi⁶ nogummi⁶ nalgummi⁶ nanggummï⁶ nasgummï⁶ nakwgummï⁶ nalgummï⁶ nan'gummï⁶ nogummï⁶ nalgummï⁶ nanggummis⁶ nasgummis⁶ nakwgummis⁶ nalgummis⁶ nan'gummis⁶ nogummis⁶ nalgummis⁶
ANIM2 ginggummi⁶ zegummi⁶ gwëgummi⁶ gikwgummi⁶ gin'gummi⁶ gigummi⁶ hogummi⁶ gigummi⁶ ginggummï⁶ zegummï⁶ gwëgummï⁶ gikwgummï⁶ gin'gummï⁶ gigummï⁶ hogummï⁶ gigummï⁶ ginggummis⁶ zegummis⁶ gwëgummis⁶ gikwgummis⁶ gin'gummis⁶ gigummis⁶ hogummis⁶ gigummis⁶
INAN1 honggummi⁶ hosgummi⁶ hokwgummi⁶ gwilgummi⁶ gwaggummi⁶ hogummi⁶ honggummï⁶ hosgummï⁶ hokwgummï⁶ gwilgummï⁶ gwaggummï⁶ hogummï⁶ honggummis⁶ hosgummis⁶ hokwgummis⁶ gwilgummis⁶ gwaggummis⁶ hogummis⁶
INAN2 xosgummi⁶ xokwgummi⁶ wilgummi⁶ waggummi⁶ xogummi⁶ gummi⁶ xosgummï⁶ xokwgummï⁶ wilgummï⁶ waggummï⁶ xogummï⁶ gummï⁶ xosgummis⁶ xokwgummis⁶ wilgummis⁶ waggummis⁶ xogummis⁶ gummis⁶
1 senggumkömi⁶ segumkömi⁶ sekwgumkömi⁶ selgumkömi⁶ saggumkömi⁶ sogumkömi⁶ sekgumkömi⁶ senggumkömï⁶ segumkömï⁶ sekwgumkömï⁶ selgumkömï⁶ saggumkömï⁶ sogumkömï⁶ sekgumkömï⁶ senggumkömis⁶ segumkömis⁶ sekwgumkömis⁶ selgumkömis⁶ saggumkömis⁶ sogumkömis⁶ sekgumkömis⁶
2 kwënggumkömi⁶ kwërgumkömi⁶ kwësgumkömi⁶ kwëkwgumkömi⁶ kwëlgumkömi⁶ kwën'gumkömi⁶ kwogumkömi⁶ kwësgumkömi⁶ kwënggumkömï⁶ kwërgumkömï⁶ kwësgumkömï⁶ kwëkwgumkömï⁶ kwëlgumkömï⁶ kwën'gumkömï⁶ kwogumkömï⁶ kwësgumkömï⁶ kwënggumkömis⁶ kwërgumkömis⁶ kwësgumkömis⁶ kwëkwgumkömis⁶ kwëlgumkömis⁶ kwën'gumkömis⁶ kwogumkömis⁶ kwësgumkömis⁶
HUM kwargumkömi⁶ kwakwgumkömi⁶ kwasgumkömi⁶ kwan'gumkömi⁶ kwaggumkömi⁶ kwasgumkömi⁶ kwargumkömï⁶ kwakwgumkömï⁶ kwasgumkömï⁶ kwan'gumkömï⁶ kwaggumkömï⁶ kwasgumkömï⁶ kwargumkömis⁶ kwakwgumkömis⁶ kwasgumkömis⁶ kwan'gumkömis⁶ kwaggumkömis⁶ kwasgumkömis⁶
ANIM1 nanggumkömi⁶ nasgumkömi⁶ nakwgumkömi⁶ nalgumkömi⁶ nan'gumkömi⁶ nogumkömi⁶ nalgumkömi⁶ nanggumkömï⁶ nasgumkömï⁶ nakwgumkömï⁶ nalgumkömï⁶ nan'gumkömï⁶ nogumkömï⁶ nalgumkömï⁶ nanggumkömis⁶ nasgumkömis⁶ nakwgumkömis⁶ nalgumkömis⁶ nan'gumkömis⁶ nogumkömis⁶ nalgumkömis⁶
ANIM2 ginggumkömi⁶ zegumkömi⁶ gwëgumkömi⁶ gikwgumkömi⁶ gin'gumkömi⁶ gigumkömi⁶ hogumkömi⁶ gigumkömi⁶ ginggumkömï⁶ zegumkömï⁶ gwëgumkömï⁶ gikwgumkömï⁶ gin'gumkömï⁶ gigumkömï⁶ hogumkömï⁶ gigumkömï⁶ ginggumkömis⁶ zegumkömis⁶ gwëgumkömis⁶ gikwgumkömis⁶ gin'gumkömis⁶ gigumkömis⁶ hogumkömis⁶ gigumkömis⁶
INAN1 honggumkömi⁶ hosgumkömi⁶ hokwgumkömi⁶ gwilgumkömi⁶ gwaggumkömi⁶ hogumkömi⁶ honggumkömï⁶ hosgumkömï⁶ hokwgumkömï⁶ gwilgumkömï⁶ gwaggumkömï⁶ hogumkömï⁶ honggumkömis⁶ hosgumkömis⁶ hokwgumkömis⁶ gwilgumkömis⁶ gwaggumkömis⁶ hogumkömis⁶
INAN2 xosgumkömi⁶ xokwgumkömi⁶ wilgumkömi⁶ waggumkömi⁶ xogumkömi⁶ gumkömi⁶ xosgumkömï⁶ xokwgumkömï⁶ wilgumkömï⁶ waggumkömï⁶ xogumkömï⁶ gumkömï⁶ xosgumkömis⁶ xokwgumkömis⁶ wilgumkömis⁶ waggumkömis⁶ xogumkömis⁶ gumkömis⁶
1 senggumxa⁶ segumxa⁶ sekwgumxa⁶ selgumxa⁶ saggumxa⁶ sogumxa⁶ sekgumxa⁶ senggumköğ⁶ segumköğ⁶ sekwgumköğ⁶ selgumköğ⁶ saggumköğ⁶ sogumköğ⁶ sekgumköğ⁶
2 kwënggumxa⁶ kwërgumxa⁶ kwësgumxa⁶ kwëkwgumxa⁶ kwëlgumxa⁶ kwën'gumxa⁶ kwogumxa⁶ kwësgumxa⁶ kwënggumköğ⁶ kwërgumköğ⁶ kwësgumköğ⁶ kwëkwgumköğ⁶ kwëlgumköğ⁶ kwën'gumköğ⁶ kwogumköğ⁶ kwësgumköğ⁶
HUM kwargumxa⁶ kwakwgumxa⁶ kwasgumxa⁶ kwan'gumxa⁶ kwaggumxa⁶ kwasgumxa⁶ kwargumköğ⁶ kwakwgumköğ⁶ kwasgumköğ⁶ kwan'gumköğ⁶ kwaggumköğ⁶ kwasgumköğ⁶
ANIM1 nanggumxa⁶ nasgumxa⁶ nakwgumxa⁶ nalgumxa⁶ nan'gumxa⁶ nogumxa⁶ nalgumxa⁶ nanggumköğ⁶ nasgumköğ⁶ nakwgumköğ⁶ nalgumköğ⁶ nan'gumköğ⁶ nogumköğ⁶ nalgumköğ⁶
ANIM2 ginggumxa⁶ zegumxa⁶ gwëgumxa⁶ gikwgumxa⁶ gin'gumxa⁶ gigumxa⁶ hogumxa⁶ gigumxa⁶ ginggumköğ⁶ zegumköğ⁶ gwëgumköğ⁶ gikwgumköğ⁶ gin'gumköğ⁶ gigumköğ⁶ hogumköğ⁶ gigumköğ⁶
INAN1 honggumxa⁶ hosgumxa⁶ hokwgumxa⁶ gwilgumxa⁶ gwaggumxa⁶ hogumxa⁶ honggumköğ⁶ hosgumköğ⁶ hokwgumköğ⁶ gwilgumköğ⁶ gwaggumköğ⁶ hogumköğ⁶
INAN2 xosgumxa⁶ xokwgumxa⁶ wilgumxa⁶ waggumxa⁶ xogumxa⁶ gumxa⁶ xosgumköğ⁶ xokwgumköğ⁶ wilgumköğ⁶ waggumköğ⁶ xogumköğ⁶ gumköğ⁶
Coreferent Switch-referent Coreferent Switch-referent
Foreground additive gumngä⁶ gumngäng⁶ Mediary gumnwa⁶ gumnwang⁶
Background additive gumne⁶ gumneng⁶ Comparative gumki⁶ gumking⁶
Conditional gumra⁶ gumrang⁶ Simultaneous gumha⁶ gumhang⁶
Counterfactual gumxi⁶ gumxing⁶ Causal gumtï⁶ gumtïng⁶
Alternative gumlë⁶ gumlëng⁶ Purposive gumxa⁶ gumxang⁶
Abessive gumngö⁶ gumngöng⁶ Adverbial gumro⁶ gumrong⁶