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'''lisna''' ''v.t.''
'''lisna''' ''v.t.''
# to learn, to gather knowledge
# to learn, to gather knowledge.

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From Middle Valthungian lisn from Old Valthungian lisan from Griutungi lisan, cf. Gothic lisan from Proto-Germanic lesaną.


(Valthungian) IPA: /ˈlisnɑ/


lisna v.t.

  1. to learn, to gather knowledge.


Preterit-Present Verb: lisna ‘to learn’
Infinitive   Indicative Subjunctive
lisna   Present
1sg. lǣs liša
Present Participle 2sg. lǣst lisis
lisnaþs 3sg. lǣs lise
1pl. lisum lisim
Past Participle 2pl. lisuþ lisiþ
list 3pl. lisun lisin
Imperative 1sg. lista lisča
lǣs 2sg. listas listis
lǣsaða 3sg. lista liste
lisum 1pl. listum listim
lisuþ 2pl. listuþ listiþ
lisunþa 3pl. listun listin