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From Old Aeranir lupentos, from Proto-Iscaric *lupəntos̠, from Proto-Maro-Ephenian *ħlewp- ("water, wet"). Cognate with Dalitian aluphṓn, Stiric rupā, and Proto-Fyrdic *lufraz.


(Old) IPA: [luˈpʰen̪.t̪os̠]
(Classical) IPA: [ɫʊˈpʰɛ̃n̪.t̪ʊs̠]
(Gaunine) IPA: [ɫɯˈpʰɛ̃n̪.t̪ɯs]
(Late) IPA: [ɫoˈpɛ̃n̪.t̪os̠]


lupentus (cyclical lupenta, eternal lupentun)

  1. dull black, dark, murky (as opposed to sater)


Declension of lupentus
temporary cyclical eternal
singular plural singular plural singular plural
nominative lupentus lupentur lupenta lupentar lupentun lupentunt
vocative lupente
accusative lupentun lupentī lupentan lupentae
essive lupentū lupentur lupentau lupentur lupentū lupentur
instrumental lupentōrun lupentōs lupentārun lupentōs lupentōrun lupentōs
genitive lupentī lupentōbus lupentae lupentābus lupentī lupentōbus
dative lupentō lupentōna lupentō lupentāna lupentō lupentōna
ablative lupentā lupentōs lupentā lupentās lupentā lupentōs
locative lupentīs lupentā lupentīs lupentā lupentīs lupentā