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# fast, quick
# fast, quick
#:''Komm hier '''snell''' !''
#:''Kom hier '''snell''' !''
#:: ''Come here '''quick''' !''
#:: ''Come here '''quick''' !''

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From Middle Skundavisk snell, from Old Skundavisk snella, from Halmisk snella, snellaŕ, from Proto-Germanic *snellaz.


IPA: /snɛɫ/


snell (comparative sneller, superlative snellest)

  1. fast, quick
    Kom hier snell !
    Come here quick !


number and gender singular plural
masculine feminine neuter all genders
predicative hi is snell si is snell hit is snell si sind snell
strong declension common snell snelle snell snelle
genitive snelles sneller snelles sneller
weak declension common snelle snelle snelle snellen
genitive snellen snellen snellen snellen

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