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From Middle Valthungian standn, stǣn from Old Valthungian standan, staen from Griutungi standan, stǣn, cf. Gothic standan (but no short equivalent) from Proto-Germanic standaną, stāną.


(Valthungian) IPA: /ˈstɑnd̚.nɑ/, /ste̞ːn/


standna, stǣn v.i.

  1. to stand.
  2. to be, to be located.


Class 6/7 Strong Verb (Anomalous): standna, stǣn ‘to stand’
Infinitive   Indicative Subjunctive
standna, stǣn   Present
1sg. standa, stǣm standa
Present Participle 2sg. standis, stǣs standas
standnaþs, stǣnþs 3sg. standiþ, stǣþ standa
1pl. standma, stǣm standam
Past Participle 2pl. standiþ, stǣþ standaþ
standnas, stāns 3pl. standnaþ, stǣnþ standan
Imperative 1sg. stōþ, stestōþ stœuǧa
stand, stǣ 2sg. stōst, stestōst stœuðis
standaða 3sg. stōþ, stestōþ stōðe
standma, stǣm 1pl. stōðum, stestōðum stœuðim
standiþ, stǣþ 2pl. stōðuþ, stestōðuþ stœuðiþ
standnaþa 3pl. stōðun, stestōðun stœuðin