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Dyrel text

'Osorvel resverí, resver uveson nadeí ysdarel aldoasmasar
paly suŕy adyr mased molinud iveí alsuredmarpan.

Allamanaren, niumenŕy resver uledenśa almavelor
lav adalŕy dasver iveśa aldoalansar
dem ysaradalynduŕy erosnepanśa erosńe almaredmar.

Interlinear gloss

'-osorvel-Ø resver-í resver-Ø uves.on-Ø nade-í ysdarel-Ø al-do-asma-sar
voc-ruler-cns greatness-gen greatness-adj plant.home-cns life-gen harmony-acc perf-3.n.vbz-crack-action
paly su-ŕy adyr mased-Ø molinud-Ø i-ve-í al-su-redmar-pan
when 2-nom to far-adj ocean-cns pl-1-gen perf-2.vbz-come.nmz-neg

allamanaren niumen-ŕy resver-Ø uleden-śa al-ma-velor
as.expected spirit-nom greatness-adj deity-dat perf-3.vbz-request
lav adal-ŕy dasver-Ø i-ve-śa al-do-alan.sar
and hand-nom law-acc pl-1-dat perf-3.n.vbz-location.action
dem ysarad-alyndu-ŕy eros-ne-pan-śa eros-ńe al-ma-redmar
therefore death-protection-nom silver-instr-neg-dat silver-instr perf-3.vbz-come.nmz


Dyrel is SOV.

The nominative case marker is sometimes eclipsed by the construct state.

Roots in Dyrel are generally nouns and are never verbs. Where verbs are nominalized in the gloss, they are actually nouns by default, and no process is occurring to result in nominalization; it is merely there because a noun gloss is difficult to find in English.

Glossing abbreviations you may not know:
voc - vocative
cns - construct state
perf - perfective
vbz - verbalizer
nmz - nominalizer