Hapát Maihivu

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Hapát Maihivu ('our language') is a Capetan language intended to have a Sami, Latin, and Arabic aesthetic.

TODO: use a more Sami aesthetic

Consonants: /m n p t k s v l r j h/ m n p t k s v l r y h

Vowels: /a i u aː iː uː/ a i u á í ú

Allowed geminates: /mm nn pp tt kk ss ll rr/ mm nn pp tt kk ss ll rr

Allowed clusters: /mp mpp nt ntt nk nkk ns nv nj ps ts ks lp lpp lt ltt lk lkk ls lm ln lv lj rp rpp rt rtt rk rkk rs rm rn rv rj hj hv ht/ mp mpp nt ntt nk nkk ns nv ny ps ts ks lp lpp lt ltt lk lkk ls lm ln lv ly rp rpp rt rtt rk rkk rs rm rn rv ry hy hv ht

1: már 2: allu 3: arvu 4: issi 5: úpa 6: viníri 7: minku 8: tahúsa 9: hilkámu 10: altuvatut 11: mártuvatut 12: tuva



Hapát Maihivu consonants
Labial Alveolar Palatal Velar Glottal
Nasal m /m/ n /n/ ng /ŋ/
Plosive p /p/ t /t/ k /k/
Fricative s /s/ h /h/
Approximant v /ʋ/ l /l/ y /j/
Trill r /r/


Vowel phonemes
Front Central Back
short long short long short long
Close i /i/ í /iː/ u /u/ ú /uː/
Open a /a/ á /aː/


Strong grade p t k CC nCC lCC rCC mp nt nk lp lt lk rp rt rk
Weak grade v l Ø C nC lC rC mm nn ng lv ll ly rv rr ry


Below, [S] = strong-grade stem, [W] = weak-grade stem.


luki, luinna - human
Singular Plural
Absolutive [S] [W]-nna
Ergative [S]-a [W]-ntá
Genitive [S]-at [W]-ntát
Dative [S]-r [W]-ntar
Adessive [W]-tur [W]-nnatur
Ablative [W]-tut [W]-nnatut
Inessive [W]-mur [W]-nnamur
Elative [W]-mut [W]-nnamut

luki, luinna - human
Singular Plural
Absolutive luki luinna
Ergative lukia luintá
Genitive lukiat luintát
Dative lukir luintar
Adessive luitur luinnatur
Ablative luitut luinnatut
Inessive luimur luinnamur
Elative luimut luinnamut


nuntakan, nuntaki, nuntat, nuntakapak, nuntakka, nuntakat, nuntakur

Present tense suffixes
Singular Plural
1 [S] + -:n [S] + -:va
2 [S] + -:i (*-íi > ) [S] + -:ka
3 [W] + -t [W] + -at
impersonal [S] + -:r

nuntana 'to protect'
Singular Plural
1 nuntán nuntáva
2 nuntái nuntáka
3 nunnat nunnát
impersonal nuntár

sákkina 'to love'
Singular Plural
1 sákkín sákkíva
2 sákkí sákkíka
3 sákit sákiat
impersonal sákkír

Nouns from verbs: -vu


Declension of personal pronouns
1sg 2sg 1pl 2pl
Absolutive án hapa hakki
Ergative anna unna hapá hakkia
Genitive anat unat hapát hakkiat
Adessive antur untur havatur hakitur
Ablative antut untut havatut hakitut
Inessive ammur ummur havamur hakimur
Elative ammut ummut havamut hakimut

3rd person/demonstratives?


Times New Roman is consistently head-final.

Sákivuat si kirvavuat urkka maihín.
I speak of love and hate.
Antur pihtar yanakúi?
Are you saving it for me?