IPA for Varevon

The charts below show the way in which the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) represents Evonish pronunciations. English approximations are closest to General American(unless otherwise stated).

IPA Examples nearest English equivalent
p p pan
b brennen burn
ʃ š fish
ʒ ž fissure
t t tell
d d dog
θ þorn thorn
ð ðat the
f fengen fight
v v vixen
k kold kitten
g g great
ç x hue
j jee you
h hegel hail
l luft little
m m mask
n night night
ŋ ň wing
ɹ r right
s s soup
z zek zebra
ʍ ƕat whale(some accents)
w w walk
IPA Examples nearest English equivalent
æ a ashen
ɛ e bed
ɪ i fill
i ii feel
ɑ o bother
ʌ u cup
u uu fool
ʊ y shook
aa how
ai yy fiery
ee great
oo boat