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Featured languages
This page describes the concept of the featured languages of Linguifex

A featured language at Linguifex gets the opportunity to be at display at the main page of the wiki. The language is nominated and elected by the Linguifex community, according to their judgement based on a few criteria. The language is featured for at least a month and receives a honorary banner on top of its article page.


The process of being elected featured starts with a period of nomination, followed by voting. When the voting is complete, the new featured language is announced.


A number of constructed languages are first nominated by members of the community. It is accepted to nominate your own conlang, albeit not encouraged. A member may only nominate one conlang, and the creator of the language must translate the following sentences:

This language was once featured.
Thanks to its level of quality, plausibility and usage capabilities, it has been voted as featured.

These sentences will be on show at the voting and the main page if featured.


The end of the nomination marks the beginning of the votes. All users have one vote, and one may only vote for a language, and not against it. All votes shall be accompanied by short motivation. The creators of the nominated languages may not vote for their own conlang, but may choose to elect a competing language. The voting generally lasts for about one week, after which the victorious language is pronounced.


Consider these characteristics of the language you nominate and vote for:

  • Intention - How well the language serves its intention, if any.
  • Naturalism - Depending on the intention, the language can be judged naturalistic or unnaturalistic.
  • Grammar - How are the various grammatical components cooperating? Is it complicated, too complicated or simple? Depends on its intention.
  • Usability - Is the language usable, functional or difficult to use? How are the texts glossed? How many texts/words are there?
  • Completeness - "Perfection is many small details done well" - Marco Pierre White

Winning languages and authors receive the honour of being mentioned at the front page and an immortalisation on the template of featured languages.

Previously featured languages