Literature:Whiskey's Song/Cwengâr

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English Translation Cwengâr Translation

It's a long road.
Home is still very far.
When comes dryness,
What is before you?

Whiskey! Whiskey!
No greater thing in town,
A friend of weak and strong,
There is no happiness like Whiskey!

Te lecwap ffŷlam,
Te cwyn lyr bôlam.
Egwà fogw fferâl,
E she ât gwô nâl?

Tel ngan! Tel ngan!
E she en tad ffen c'hwyn gŵo lhôffan.
Te ât bôlŷn ô dolh menan,
E she ler âra tel ngan!

Translations: Fén Ghír | Dhannuá | Umbrean | Attian