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Middle Skellan is the direct descendant of Tigol that was spoken in Skella. It had become Early Modern Skellan around fT 1150. There are many different dialects of Middle Skellan.

Many works of literature survive in Middle Skellan.


The following describes Alcvean Middle Skellan


The Skellan spirantization had taken place: the Tigol lenited (voiced) stops ḃ ṗ ḋ ṫ ġ ċ /b bʰ d dʰ g gʰ/ had shifted to /v f ð θ ɣ x/. Compare Anbiric (Anbirese and Ciètian), which experienced a different consonant shift.

Labial Dental/Alveolar Palatal Velar Glottal
Nasal fortis mm /M/ nn /N/ ññ /Ŋ/
lenis m /m/ n /n/ ñ /ŋ/
Plosive aspirated p /pʰ/ t /tʰ/ c /kʰ/
plain b /p/ d /t/ g /k/
Spirant unvoiced f /f/ þ /θ/ ç /x/
voiced v /v/ ð /ð/ ȝ /ɣ/
Sibilant s /s̻/, z /s̺/ x /ʃ/ h /h/
Affricate ts /ts/ tx /tʃ/
Resonant fortis rr /R/, ll /L̃/
lenis r /r/, l /l̃/


Middle Skellan had an asymmetric vowel system. Vowel length, inherited from Tigol, was in the process of being replaced with vowel quality (cf. American English).

Middle Skellan vowels
Front Central Back
unrounded rounded unrounded rounded unrounded rounded
short long short long short long short long
Close i /ɪ/ í /i(ː)/ ü /ʏ/ y /ɨ/ ú /ʉ(ː)/ u /ʊ/
Mid e /ɛ/ é /e(ː)/ ö /œ/ o /ɔ/ ó /o(ː)/
Open a /a/ á /ɒ(ː)/

Diphthongs: ai aü ei eu iu oe ui ia ua = /ai ay ei eu iu oe ui iə üə/





Tíogall grammar, minus the split-ergativity.