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Primary Root Meaning Derivatives
ker- rule ker (nc) ruler • keril (nm) king, lord • kera (nc) subject
mlak- be dead mlagna- (vi) die • mlagnim- (vt) kill •
plus- be ill, sick
yur- run yuru (nc) messenger •
neg- bleed nega (nc) woman •
ret- move, go
glis- stay, live, dwell
reyk- love reyku (nc) lover • reykil (nm) lover •
tiyk- touch
trayh- strangle, choke
sluyn- seep, ooze
hed- fly
kuk- eat
bel- be bright belan (nc) sun
keyb- write
sin- be able
ad- do, act
gan- let, allow, permit
neyl- be, exist
fets- be angry
deyn- appear, seem
kuyr- bend, turn
raf- arrive, reach
lap- carry, bear
gun- begin, start
wel- see