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Qualdomailor, today, is a linguistically and religiously homogeneous country, with 96% of its inhabitants being religiously [[Verse:Yunyalīlta|Yunyalīlti]]. Historically predominantly inhabited by the Qualdomelics, in the half century since the Kaiṣamā era there has been a steady influx of Chlouvānem people, so that 81.5% of its population is Qualdomelic, 17% Chlouvānem, and the remaining 1.5% of other ethnic backgrounds. Qualdomelic is the only nationwide official language - [[Chlouvānem]] is only official in the four southern regions, but it is widely spoken as a L2 also by native Qualdomelics due to its status as lingua franca of the Eastern bloc and sacred language of the Yunyalīlta. At the last census in 6418 (six years ago), the population amounted to 39,838,427 people; according to more recent estimates, it has grown to slightly more than 40 million people.
[[File:Qualdomailor.png|thumb|Map of Qualdomailor]]

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