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Hi, I'm Aquatiki. I tend to obsess over languages for a long time and be years in development. In grad school, I studied Semitics (Hebrew and related languages), and I got into conlanging as a fun way to be sure I understood what I was learning.

  • 武明帥 - Murphy, Robert Marshall/무명수/WǔMíngShuài.
  • 武星紫 - Murphy, Violet Esther/무성자 (Mu Seong-Ja)
  • 武景花 - Murphy, Elanor Laes/무경화 (Mu Gyeong-Hwa)
  • 武理敾 - Murphy, Reason Meyer/무리선. (Mu Li-Seon)
  • 景有美 - Laes, Jessica Marie/경유미. (Me Yu-Mi)

My Universes


Universal Languages

our world, but synthetic languages facilitate international relations

Naturalistic Auxlang

Weddish is an auxlang, with an overly extensive history. Old Frisian became influenced by Old Welsh, was conquered by Hebrew, and once again returned to the Welsh.

w:Harry Potter universe

Dr. Francis Nolan was commission by the HP movie makers to create a phonology and a few sentences, which he was very gracious to share with me. I expanded upon them greatly, bringing in further Estonian influences, and adding Dravidian and Bantu ideas.

Oceanic Hebrew

the Semitic slaves were sold to Babylon ... then India ... then the Philippines ... and eventual migrated to New Zealand.

Primarily using Ugaritic, I have reconstructed a best-guess of what Hebrew sounded like in 1000 B.C. and imagined what would happen if they were hauled off to the Philippines and interacted with something like Proto-Austronesian or Tagalog.
Using the previous language as a base, I mashed up Ancient Hebrew with Māori
    • Neo-Oceanic Hebrew
      My only attempt at a Minimalist Lang, I spun it out of PPH. The endonym is rōŋo·ŋo Pāru, but NOH is the English name for it. It's an attempt at a Biblical answer to Toki Pona (which I think is outspokenly Taoist).

A fictional w:Water world

An utterly polysynthetic exolang, completely without nouns.


I use aquatiki just about everywhere on the internet.

Should you ever feel a dire need of contacting me, simply leave me a message at my discussion page

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