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About me

Hi, I’m lili21 and I’m a Lombard conlanger in the twenties; my best-developed conlangs on this site are Chlouvānem and Atlantic.

I’ve been making up languages ever since I was nine, at first only relexes of Italian sounding like an incoherent mixture of natlangs. When I was 17, I fell in love with Linguistics while randomly reading about Ancient Greek, and together with other interests of mine, mainly Geography (real and fictional), I started creating my conworld, Calémere, which changed a lot since then to get from that first draft to its present, incomplete, state, the one you may read about here: all of my conlangs but four are part of Calémere. My main and most developed conlang, Chlouvānem, which I created at the end of 2016 (though partially based on earlier conlangs), is one of Calémere’s two linguae francae; my second most developed conlang is the a posteriori Atlantic, which started as a just-for-fun side project. Anyway, I’m just as much a conlanger as I’m a conworlder, as I feel the need to create a setting for any conlang in order to work on it.

Concerning languages, I’m mostly interested in historical linguistics, in the evolution of Indo-European languages, particularly Romance and Slavic ones, and in Gallo-Italic and Indo-Aryan languages. I’m also interested in various other things like literature, geography, history, anthropology, and urbanism.
I'm asymmetrically bilingual in Italian and Lombard, and I also speak English, German, Portuguese, and Russian to various degrees, and can understand very basic French, Ligurian, Spanish, Danish, and Swedish (in decreasing order).

My conlangs