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𒆠𒀉 𒆜𒀉 𒅗𒀪𒈨𒂊 1,019 𒅗𒌈𒌑𒄧 𒉡 𒅴𒂗: Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character ",".% 𒌀𒐊𒉌.
𒆠𒀉 𒆜𒀉 𒅗𒀀𒅈 9 𒆐𒋾𒄴𒌈𒌑𒄧 𒅗𒌑𒄧 𒉡
3 𒅗𒌑𒄧, 𒆪𒀪 𒀊𒀭 𒅆𒅆𒄿𒋾 𒁍𒀪𒀀.