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***Old Irish
***Old Irish
**[[Verse:AETHER/Riphic]] (not Germanic)
**(something maximally un-Germanic)

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In this Versespace:

Verse talk:

Post-singularity utopian sci-fi setting created by User:IlL based on our Earth

In-universe conlangs

A-posteriori languages

These are the Earth language families we know and love, which developed on Earth before the Ascent.

  • IE
    • Italic
      • Latin
        • Romlang continuum
        • Liturgical French (Quasi-Old French)
          • Something Modern French-esque
    • Ancient Greek
      • Liturgical Greek (passed through GVS-esque shifts)
    • Celtic
      • Old Irish
        • Irish
    • (something maximally un-Germanic)
      • Riphean
      • English
    • Indo-Aryan
      • Persian
      • Another IA language (source of karma)
  • Afro-Asiatic
    • Semitic
    • Egyptian

A-priori families