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A time-traveler English timeline; English is an Indo-European language that is essentially the same as ours but originated from a fictional, non-Germanic branch of IE. (premise inspired by [[Verse:Lõis/English]])
===A-Standard English===
A kind of "Transatlantic accent", inspired by Californian + Philly + Modern RP/Estuary. In continuum with a Philly-like accent.
*orange = [ɒɹɪndʒ~ɔɹɪndʒ]
*Mary [mɛəɹi] ≈ merry [mɛɹi] ≠ marry [maɹi]
*Mirror-nearer distinction
*Hurry-furry distinction
*No mergers before /l/
*egg rhymes with vague
*L is light [l] before vowels and dark [ɫ] otherwise, as in RP.
**wholly-holy split.
*Glottal reinforcement before voiceless stops.
*/p t k/ are aspirated after stressed syllables as in RP.
*wine-whine merger optional.
*/r/ may be [ʋ] between vowels.

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