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Some Trician conlang (Old Togarmite) or Henosis Ousias (Greek) ('Oneness of Being'; one may abbreviate it ΘH or ThH) is a monotheistic Abrahamic religion based on the writings of Hellenistic Greek philosopher [some name]. Some Trician conlang is dominant all over Lõis's Near East, as well as in Eastern Europe, Siberia and India. The liturgical languages used depend on region; Eastern Europe and Siberia use Old Togarmite, the Near East uses Greek and vernacular languages; and India uses [some IE language].

It's somewhere between Sufism and Advaita Vedanta: it holds that all the different gods mankind worships are manifestations of one ultimate God. However, to understand the one true God at a deeper level one must understand one's true self, in order to discern what purpose one was created by God for. (?)