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The King Sămtsay Song (Windermere: Chnur Păchnay Sămtsay /xnuɐ pəxˈnaj səmˈtsaj/) is the national anthem used in the Windermere Commonwealth countries: the United States of Bjeheond, Tumhan, Pategia, Yocneam, and Quintlopetl.


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Only the first verse is used in modern usage.

Fi Chnur Păchnay Sămtsay
Răsüel bruang mi spey e Sămtsay ăchemloa;
Ănngun ef hăltgäw te prien min noy smaw tsoa.
Răłow ya șăgor e tsor hües te slăngay,
Ătsäs șa-tăgoa ef păchnay bang Sămtsay!

The King Sămtsay Song
May gracious Sămtsay endure long in health;
May the power and wisdom in him grow yet more by the morning.
May every street and town square shout enthusiastically,
"May our king forever remain Sămtsay!"


The tune used in Pategia (listen)

In Bjeheond, the anthem is usually accompanied by konnakol and is in a tălea known as Tălea Deașad, same as the Carnatic desadi tala. The tune was written by Talman-Bjeheondian experimental composer Prăfin of Balang.

In Quintlopetl, the anthem is sung to a tune composed by Etsoj Jopah.