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The Naquian Empire (Naquian: Nāquiz from PQ snākʷs 'homeland') was the major civilization in ancient Txapoalli.

Place/person names

  • Quintlopetl Ztelmīz or just Quintlopetl
  • Cuancalli
  • Quēhtłoyoz: Naquian grammarian
  • Huichaltzah: Naquian explorer, conlanger and playwright
  • Ztlathuiyaz: a theater
  • Erencāhto: the Rencad, later became capital of Xaetjeonlowv


The rise of the "Theaterists"




Ancient Naquian music uses a division of the perfect fifth into 4 or 8 equal parts. (The 8 equal parts tuning is very close to the 88 cents equal tuning.) Skellan composer Rewhd Sgutsis noted that these scales fit nicely into a framework of 41 equal parts to the octave.

Scales in steps of the 8 equal division of the fifth scale:

  • 2 2 2 2 - 4edf
  • 2 2 3 1
  • 3 1 3 1

Native sources describe a system of naming intervals in this scale.

  • "Unison"
  • Minor, neutral and major second
  • Minor, neutral and major third
  • Minor, neutral and major fourth
  • Perfect fifth
  • Minor, neutral and major sixth
  • Minor, neutral and major seventh


Styles and forms