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*[[Tíogall]] (a Talmic conlang)
*[[Tíogall]] (a Talmic conlang)
*[[Wiebian]] (a Quihum language spoken in Bjeheond)
*[[Wiebian]] (a Quihum language spoken in Bjeheond)
**[[Kurmian]] (a [[Ku]] analogue)
**[[Kurmian]] (a [[Ko]] analogue)

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Schlomo Schngellstein (pen name; born fT 2451) is a Häskä linguist and conlanger. Schngellstein's linguistic specialty is Hlou-Shum linguistics and diachronics. His main conworld project is Earth. He speaks Eevo and Häskä natively, and his favorite languages are the Hlou-Shum languages and the Talmic languages.

Schngellstein is currently a graduate student at the University of Sunehnawl in Fyxoom. He is also interested in music and plays the sewvore.


Schngellstein devised the orthographies currently in use for the Hlou-Shum languages. These were inspired by the orthographies for his Earth languages, such as German, Irish, and Greek.



Schngellstein's alt-history languages often use ideas used in his conworld Earth.