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Skella (English: SKEL-ə, Eevo: Sgewla /ˈskɛʟə/, Anbirese: n Skjóla /ə̀n ɧǒ.lá/; Ciètian: ye Sgüeila /jə ˈʃɥɶːɫə/, Windermere: Scela /skaeˈlɒ/), officially Republic of Skella (Eevo: a Bintylisrál Sgewla), is a peninsular country in Talma. It is located in the Skellan Peninsula in Northwest Talma. Its capital is Alcve. The current president of Skella is Niwmr Gaid.

The Skellan legislature is called the Dyrnagan.



  • Alcve
  • Llesgor
  • Iasa
  • Hnawcas Amlad
  • Hema Vrawm


Skellan cuisine is traditionally based around bread and pastas made from wheat. Plant protein (often made into blocks) is common, but are often supplemented by animal products such as dairy products, fish, shellfish, meat, or insects (by people who eat them). Sashimi is a common ingredient in salads. Flavoring agents are traditionally mushrooms and seaweeds used for their umaminess, as well as fruits, berries, maple syrup, and wines for sweetness; imported spices such as Nurian lenkah (chili), suoniah and nupaġġiū from southern Cualuav were historically greatly valued. Some fat sources are nuts, butter, or fatty fruits such as the ymnahd, which are often used for sauces.

50% of the population surveyed (2676) adhere to some form of veganism or various forms of vegetarianism (Eevo: trovið). Vegetarianism is somewhat more common among women and people of high SES.