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Kingdom of Wen Dămea
Hălchnay Wen Dămea  (Windermere)
Anthem: Chnur Păchnay Sămtsay ('King Sămtsay Song')
Capital Tsăhi Tboan
Largest city Tboan
Official languages Windermere
Demonym Windermere
Government Federal parliamentary constitutional monarchy
• Queen
Lăyech Hăchra
• Prime Minister
Ngă'oa Tustăfar

Wen Dămea (Windermere: /wen dəmeə/, Clofabosin: Tergetolocin) is a country in Talma. Its capital is Tsăhi Tboan (Classical Windermere: Tłăhi Tăboan, Eevo: Txyhí Tyvóon, Clofabosin: Tabonomycin).

The name Wen Dămea comes from Thensarian lūgobui damīaħni 'the leafy land'.


The anthem was originally titled Chnur Păchnay Sămtsay (King Sămtsay Song). The same lyrics are also used in Bjeheond and Pategia but the music is different.


Inspirations: Historical China, Roman Empire, Catholic Church

Early history

Windermere Republic

Warring States period

Windermere Empire

House of Gweats (0 fT - 522 fT)

(Windermere: iec Gweats 'Gweats line/lineage')

House of Fnüeng (522 fT - ???)

(Windermere: iec Fnüeng) The printing press was invented in Skella by Lleemi Þrohd later this period. It was also a time when the Empire's hegemony was in decline and the government was perceived to be incompetent and corrupt.

Gruidite Revolution (935-961 fT)

A few decades after, an Anbirese civil servant and writer by the name of Emisom Gruid published his translations of the old Tigol writings and his protest politico-religious poems, which were widely disseminated thanks to the printing press.

The Windermere imperial authorities were of course none too pleased, and tried to suppress the spread of Gruid's ideas. But it was too little, too late: Gruidism had already provoked a firestorm of rebellious and nationalistic sentiment across the Talmic-speaking part of Talma.

Thus the imperial authorities made a compromise: they recognized the new religion, on the condition that it accept the legitimacy of the Empire's authority. Nevertheless suspicion still lingered.

TODO: how the war began

The war caused the Empire to lose much of its territory.



City names: Dăboan, Bălang, Rǎ'ac Thea, Yocneam, Tsăloch, Cătiel

Srol Măneap, Ăchir Hașneth, Eac Sămnuay, Pa'ăchoth Tsăfi ...