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=== Edna Ashe ===
=== Edna Ashe ===
*Alias: Neria Verner (Shalaian name)
*Alias: Neria Verner (Shalaian name)
*Redhead, microtonalist, Riphean-Welvingtonian, trans girl
*Redhead, conlanger, Riphean-Welvingtonian, trans girl
=== Rebecca McItsock (placeholder) ===
=== Rebecca McItsock (placeholder) ===

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Verse talk:
Distribution of language families in Unbegotten's Europe

An alt-hist setting created by User:IlL based on an Earth timeline similar to ours. Inspired in part by Verse:Lõis.



Edna Ashe

  • Alias: Neria Verner (Shalaian name)
  • Redhead, conlanger, Riphean-Welvingtonian, trans girl

Rebecca McItsock (placeholder)

  • McItsock is from Judeo-Gaelic mac Yițchoc (analogous to Isaacson in our world)
  • As a microtonalist, her music is more inspired by Jewish liturgical chants and songs

In-universe conlangs

Conlangs by Edna

A-posteriori languages

  • IE
    • Italic
      • Latin
        • Italian
        • Zhendic (very conservative Romlang, v > ʒ / #_{e i})
  • Classical Hivatish
    • Modern Hivatish
    • Ancient Greek
      • Liturgical Greek (passed through shifts to make it look pre-GVS)
      • Elicá (most populous Hellenic lang)
      • Ašča
    • Celtic
    • Riphic (something maximally un-Germanic; this will not be detailed further)
    • Balto-Ilitho-Slavic (called "Ilitho-Thuric" in universe)
    • Indo-Aryan
      • Persian
    • Liturgical language of Buddhism (vaguely Hungarian-inspired)
  • Afro-Asiatic
    • Semitic
    • Egyptian
      • A-Coptic ("What if Egyptian became English Hebrew")
  • Sino-Tibetan
    • Tibetan
    • Old Chinese
      • Middle Chinese
        • Pseudo-Icelandic (northern China)
        • Pseudo-Old English (southern China)
  • Japanese (Same as ours except no Sanskrit or German loans)
  • Salish
    • Lushootseed

Uralic and Germanic do not exist.


Central European

Northern European

Wyrhinysko etc.


Cubrite, Ăn Yidiș and Riphean

North African

Verthanic, A-Arabic and A-Coptic

A-priori families


The following religions remain similar:

  • Christianity
    • Catholicism
      • Protestantism
    • Orthodox
  • Nestorians (A-Arabic and Egyptian)?
  • (Rabbinic) Judaism
    • Orthodox (Modern Orthodox, Hasidic and Haredi)
    • Reform
  • Buddhism (using an Ilithian-derived language)

Retconned historical figures

  • Emmy Pafnoether (pa(h)v-NOH-thər; A-Coptic: /pavnoɨθə~pavnø:θə/, from pꜣy-pꜣ-nṯr): Riphean, of A-Coptic descent
  • Ramanujan (Ramanuǰən): Verthanic
  • Neria Verner (Néria Vérnr): A Shalaian linguist in Edna's conworld; discoverer of Verner's law in the Shalaic branch of Idavic. Also one of Edna's aliases.


Former Federation cities

  • Pacific Republic
    • Biafria
    • Seattle
    • Portland
  • Eastern Commonwealth
    • Welvington