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in whâyacar whetmer
Pronunciation[/in ʍaˈjəkəɻ ˈʍɛʔmɛɻ/]
Created byIlL
  • Naquic
    • Whetmer
Early form
Old Whetmer
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Whetmer (English: /ˈʍɛtməɹ/ WHET-mer; natively: in whâyacar whetmer /in ʍaˈjəkəɻ ˈʍɛʔmɛɻ/, from Naquian in huēyacaz huehmiz) is the most divergent present day Naquic language, a minority language in Hetom. It's somewhat Faroese-, Sardinian- and Malagasy-inspired.


External history

Whetmer used to be an English giblang with clicks. I decided to use the name for a divergent Naquic language that has the /ʍ/ sound.

Grand Master Plan

  • hu- > w-, u- > wh-
  • Vz > Vr
  • ī > i; i > e before r; i otherwise
  • Get retroflexes from geminates (thus no initial retros)
  • Câzrâ /kaʂa/ = Qazhra


Add some Malagasy touch


Labial Dental Retroflex Palatal Velar Glottal
central lateral central lateral plain labialized
Nasal m /m/ n /n/ nr /ɳ/ [ŋ]
Plosive tenuis p /p/ t /t/ tr /ʈ/ c /k/ qu /kʷ/ h /ʔ/
ejective ph /pʼ/ th /tʼ/ trh /ʈʼ/ ch /kʼ/
Fricative z /s/ ł /ɬ/ zr /ʂ/ łr /ɬʵ/ x /ɕ/
Affricate tenuis tz /ts/ /tɬ/ tzr /ʈʂ/ tłr /ʈɬʵ/ tx /tɕ/
ejective tzh /tsʼ/ tłh /tɬʼ/ tzrh /ʈʂʼ/ tłrh /ʈɬʵʼ/ txh /tɕʼ/
Approximant voiceless wh /ʍ/
voiced l, ll /l/ r /ɻ/ y /j/ w /w/


i î u û e ê o ô ai a â /i ui u iu e iə ə o uə ai ə a/; w y is used for devoiced /u i/.

After a stressed syllable, as at the end of most words and in the final two syllables of some, /u, i/ are reduced to [ʷ, ʲ]. Final /a/, and sometimes final syllables, are devoiced at the end of an utterance.


Unlike other Naquic languages, Whehmer preserves much of Naquic declension. The syntax is also more head-initial.

Nouns and adjectives

  • -i, -ia nouns: cadd /kəɖ/ 'song (nom sg)'; cedda /kɛɖ/ 'song (gen sg)'; cadder /kəɖɛɻ/ 'song (nom pl)'; cadden /kəɖɛn/ 'song (gen pl)', cadditl 'song of', caddéh 'songs of'
  • w-stem nouns: ztûr, ztûir, ztûn, ztûn, ztûtl, ztûweh 'fire'