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Gwnax (/gʷnax/, English: goo-NA(H)KH) is a Bjeheondian language isolate inspired by Welsh, Old Chinese and Tibeto-Burman. It is grammatically very similar to Modern Windermere and Hlou.

Gibberish: Ngwran tanxwlej be toh ma'ang siknagw, sy tu xyzell ham. Byrrong tyx kwosra nsoj xyh netsull, namte 'asmad se ykw'arij.

Maxwell = a name

  • erkw = town, city; forms city names
  • Erkwed, Erkwis = name of cities
  • xwahan = forest
  • dlowng = wheel
  • llymboj = horse
  • wok = good
  • 'lats = livestock
  • lats = to sustain, to provide
  • kwa = stone
  • kykwa = boulder
  • wansem = plough
  • pruk = end
  • gemra = to live
  • aknull = paint, color
  • mnep = vase
  • be = past particle

1: pos 2: wyng 3: yhew 4: taxwi 5: azep 6: rynoj 7: kwlyng 8: tsil 9: masah 10: ngwet



a e i o u y /a e i o u ɨ/


m n ng ngw p t ts k kw ' b d z g gw s x xw h l r ll rr w /m n ŋ ŋʷ p t ts k kʷ ʔ b d dz g gʷ s x xʷ h l r ɬ r̥ w/


Allowed initial clusters are:

  • RR: mn ml mr nl nr ngl ngr ngwl ngwr 'l 'r
  • PR: pl pr tl tr kn kl kr kwn kwl kwr
  • BR: bl br dl dr gn gl gr gwn gwl gwr
  • FR: sm sn sng sngw sl sr xn xl xr xwn xwl xwr

Coda clusters are prohibited.

aj ej ij oj yj aw ew ow yw