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Romantic period
:''The Talman just intonation tunings and scales are due to Praimhín.''
'''Talman music''' has a long history and has changed greatly over time. Classical music usually uses extended just intonation (at least abstractly): intervals are viewed as rational frequency ratios, which have not only factors of 2, 3 and 5, but also 7, 11, 13 and higher primes which are may not be well-represented in Western European music. In contrast, modern Talman music uses various EDOs and other tempered scales.
Talmans traditionally preferred smaller ensembles; larger orchestras are a Classical and Romantic development.
Need Talman rituals, holidays and festivals
*''ðavr'' v = a 4-stringed fiddle, used for the treble register.
**Tuning: 2:3:5:7, lowest string = 204 200 Hz
*''ñams'' v = a viol-like 5-stringed bowed string instrument used for the treble and alto register
**Tuning: 2:3:5:7:9, lowest string = 136 133 Hz
**softwood; arched plates; sound post; should be thicker than a viola and be played vertically
*''ñamsóm'' v = an instrument the size of a large cello or small double bass which is tuned an octave lower than a ''ŋamsñams''**Tuning: 2:3:4:5:7:9, lowest string = 68 67 Hz
*''txovíh'' Ⓥ = fretless steel guitar tuned to a hexany; steel frets
*''lyzóf'' Ⓥ = a trombone; exists in many different pitch ranges, such as soprano, alto, tenor, and bass ''lazóf''
Smaller fixed pitch instruments (less than 25 notes/octave) are tuned to specific JI scales; Larger larger fixed-pitch instruments such as organs are often tuned to 41edo. (41edo is the smallest edo that represents the 15-odd limit.)
*viola organista (keyboard instrument with a rosined conveyer belt mechanism for the strings)
*organ Ⓥ (with ivory-free keys)
===Romantic period===
*[[Verse:Tricin/Rewhd Sgutsis|Rewhd '''Sgutsis''']] was a prolific [[Skellan]] composer and music theorist, who proposed 41edo for organs.
*Jamon '''Sewvore''' was a student of Sgutsis, and invented the isomorphic keyboard, called the ''sewvore'' in Eevo.
*Keopran '''Djangeodae''' was a famous [[Anbirese]] composer of ''łylám''s.

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