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Placeholder for ejectiveWelsh Talmic


Welshy with ejectives

noninitial t, k -> t’, k’

initial and lenited t, k -> tʰ, kʰ

noninitial b, d, g -> ʔ, t’, k’

initial and lenited b, d, g -> p, t, k

initial st, sc -> t’, k’

slender t/tʰ/t’ -> ts/tsʰ/ts’

slender k/kʰ/k’ -> c/cʰ/c’

3/H > glottal stop/x?

lenited s -> sʰ~z

0urú'ed consonants merge with séimhiú'ed consonants

l -> r

initial sn -> n, while initial n -> m

nn -> θ, mh -> f


a i u ə e o ai au ia ua



Tumacan, like Skellan, doesn't have grammatical gender or mutations. Plurals may be irregular as in Welsh.

Example noun: miar (tree), plural mair

Possessed forms: ma·miar, i·miar, kʰe·miar, ci·miar, se·miar, ha·miar


Verbs in Tumacan are preceded by subject and object clitics if they're pronominal.

mi·tʰɨs "I pray"

mi·kʰ·tseirip "I tolerate him/her"


Tumacan is VSO.

tseirip ə kʰar re ʔik’al "The person tolerates the weather"