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Things we're tempted to do in Tricin but won't do. :)

Republic of Bjeheond becomes Blómkálssalat Með Lauk

A nationality that believes that they're recycled trash


  • Dăraf Peł Wănoyd → Johannes Reinhardt
  • ʙustuq Ḷacilluq
  • Rochth Scutzis → Clara Fort (A disgraced aristocrat who pursued composition and ethnomusicology against her father's wishes. She was brilliant but turbulent and brooding.)
  • Etsoj Jopah → Ifor ap Syched ("Ivor Partch")
  • Schlomo Schngellstein → Joey Tobin
  • Heojad Bjeoksil > Yaa Qov Rees Mog


  • Proto-Lakovic: Tamil gibberish without retroflexes
    • Old Windermere: some kind of Celtic gibberish?
      • Classical Windermere: literally read Hmong gibberish
        • Modern Windermere: literal Hmong gib with begadkefat
        • Trây: Hmong gibberish (with the tonal system intact)
    • Tseezh: Swedish gibberish
    • Wiebian: Old High German gibberish
    • Schong: Livonian gibberish
    • Æ: Estonian gibberish
    • Ferlitian: Hungarian gibberish
    • Tsrovesh: Camalic
  • Proto-Quihum: Nostratic gibberish
    • Proto-Talmic: Proto-Semitic gibberish
      • Tigol: Proto-Germanic gibberish
        • Eevo: Khmer gibberish
        • Anbirese: Etruscan gibberish
        • Snachian: Old English gibberish with mutations and aspirated stops
        • Ciètian: Middle Chinese gibberish
    • Proto-Naquic: Lushootseed gibberish
    • Sjowaázh: Ubykh gibberish
  • Proto-Dodellic: Salish gibberish
    • Shalian: RP gibberish with clicks
    • Dodellian: PIE gibberish