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Dodellia, officially the Dodellian Realm (Clofabosin: dodellocridan, Dodellian: Dʰóódʰolo h₁iméíne), is a country in Etalocin, bordering Clofabolocin and Þrwhas. It is the largest country in Tricin by land area (between 3 and 5 times as large as the US) and by population (1.5 to 1.7 billion). Dodellia's official languages are Clofabosin and Dodellian, but there are numerous minority languages and cultures.

Dodellia is a constitutional monarchy.


Trician humans originated in present-day Dodellia.

Medieval Dodellia consisted of many separate nation-states.


Major cities

  • Asvasiran
  • Patisiran
  • Somavaratan
  • Bevasiran

Famous Dodellians

  • Zixonterol Celebrex - fashion designer
  • Arformoterol Claritin - gymnast
  • Bʰedʰyomédʰyono H₂nuur - Dodellian singer-songwriter (chnur /xnur/ means 'song' in Windermere)


Dodellians traditionally use a 17-tone scale in their music, but minorities use different tuning systems.