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The Imθumăytil (CWdm: /imtʰuməjˈtil/, lit. 'Delvings' or 'Inquiries', Modern Imthumitil) is a collection of stories, anecdotes, parables, songs, lectures and sermons, in Classical Windermere. Some passages are in Classical Tseer.


  • Scientific concepts?
    • atoms? evolution?
  • Imperial commentators of the Imthumăytil should make all kinds of convoluted justifications of their doctrines in terms of preexisting myths and symbols

Perhaps these are too mathy and mystical for Mărotłism but:

  • Something based on symmetry? wallpapers and platonic solids are easy examples
  • Something geometrical?

The round table

Ngiiθ dur se taχ χaaθ mogor. Tăbiits φin Pĭda Brăwid: "Măra łĭnam?" Mi-ăngnuung căχθaaθ năθa emrĭtsal sen doon: Șrüχ te-stiiw: taχ mognas, θaφ te-müts θraaφ, liw stăliiw, θaφ te-müts mălsaaχ, taχ mălüüts, doon tălaχ." Tăbits φin Pĭda Brăwid: "Ǎna mee ra, srü hĭdeen croθ năθa?" Eφθooc φin χaaθ, "Op cănga, φin Pĭda: tsor pădiχ φnărtaang, te ămsaχ păχwădiχ năθa ya φin croθ φi!" Esngim φin Pĭda Brăwid șa φin χaaθ șa-ngiil, "Ăruy șa-χaaθ ses tsărüng te sen θăpal φănaw φănaw."


Once, six children were in a round table. Master Brăwiid asked them: "How many of you are here?"

While the others were still counting, one child replied: "Sixty-three: 6 individuals, 15 teams of 2, 20 teams of 3, 15 teams of 4, 6 teams of 5, and 1 team of 6."

Now Master Brăwiid asked: "Well then, how many people will be there if another person enters?"

The child said: "It is plain, Master: here we have all of the old teams, as well as another set of teams with the new person!"

Master Brăwiid praised the child, saying, "This child has wisdom and understanding indeed."


The notion of choosing subsets from six items may have been a metaphor for cooking. The Windermereans recognized 6 basic tastes (sweet, sour, salty, bitter, spicy, umami), and each combination is essentially a taste on its own. The mystic Etsoj Jopah interpreted the parable as a recipe for building a just intonation scale from prime factors, thus introducing Combination Product Sets into Talman music.