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Math notation in Verse:Tricin. (TBA)

Steal some Canadian Aboriginal characters? or maybe Thai/Tamil characters?


ɔ ı ʎ ɺ ħ ʕ ʑ ɛ ɴ κ ə ʋ = 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 X E

duodecimal point: :

1728's separator: · (optional)

Minus sign: ʳ (before the number)

Infinity: ʘ

τ (2π): ᘗ

i: ʖ


Equals sign (=): ∥? =?

Not equals (≠): ∦? ≠?

Greater than (>): >|

Less than (<): |<

At least (≥): >

At most (≤): <

Binary operations

TODO: +, -, times, division, mod, sum, prod

exponents, roots, logs

Basic functions

TODO: trig functions


Clofabic, Windermere and Talmic letters are used as variables.

TODO: Should make these letters internally consistent. For example Talmic Z should be borrowed from either Netagin or Clofabic Z.

Clofabic letters:

Template:Eevo alphabet

Talmic letters:

Talmic script.png

Windermere letters:

  • Ϫϫ Շչ Ɑᶑ Ѡϙ Ғғ Ѵѵ Ƌժ Ƨƨ ſʗ = p b f t d th c g ch
  • Ɨɟ ʢє Ϯ₼ = m n ng
  • Ϟɥ Ɔɔ Պɱ Ҕҕ Ʌʎ = s ł ts tł ș
  • Էէ Ӿӿ Գƪ Քƍ Ֆⱷ Пп = r w y h l ʔ

Sets and logic

Ordered pairs

Functions/maps and group operations

Composition/group multiplication usually denoted with concatenation (or equivalent).