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Mavor Galjyñ-Tswcyn (she went by just Mavor Tswcyn MAH-vor TSOOK-ən or MAV-or TSOOK-ən) (fT 1051 - 1135) was an Anbirese-Fyxoomian essayist.



empathetic and eloquent


Mavor Tswcyn was born in the city of Ctial Serŋ in Mypzóor, Fyxoom. Her parents, Lothir Galjeong and Mors Tsukeon, were Anbirese immigrants.

Tswcyn published her essays in newspapers.


Tzwcyn took an interest in a number of social issues in Fyxoom at the time, such as immigration and life in poor communities.


  • (Collection of essays)
    • Something linking silphium, germ theory and feminism around the world; advocacy of "soft colonialism" by the Talman cultural sphere
    • "On Charity, Parasitic Diseases and Social Justice" (?)
    • Something on how morality should be based on principles but most people need to be taught behaviors in a cultural environment to do things - dunno