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Pategia (Windermere: Wen Nutu, Pategian: Nủtuqeli or Pâtẻgqeli) is a predominantly Windermere-speaking country.

Anthem: Chnur Păchnay Sămtsay ('King Sămtsay Song')


Its capital is Thamngethra, from the Skellan phrase dy arm a Ñeðra (Ngedhra lives).

Sarana River (Yoch Saranea)


Pategia has distinct wildlife though not as distinct as Cualuav.


The indigenous religion of Pategia, Thỉrot·ekhemleci, is quite similar to Celtic paganism, and is followed by about 20% of Pategians today. The rest are mostly atheist or Ngeðraist.


Model: Medieval music

Famous Pategians

Srăga Tsayfuan - fantasy author

Dăraf ?? - neoclassical composer of (Bjeheondian) Windermere descent

Minimalist composers?

A Brian Eno-like figure?

?? - postminimalist composer