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Schlomo Schngellstein is the pen name of Tobiterol Zoloft (born fT 2451 in Streptomycin, Clofabolocin), a Clofabian-Fyxoomian linguist and conlanger. Schngellstein's linguistic specialty is Idavo-Etalocian linguistics and diachronics. His main conworld project is Earth. He speaks Clofabosin and Eevo natively, and he is also fluent in Anbirese and Windermere. His favorite Trician languages are the Talmic and Idavic languages.

Schngellstein is currently a graduate student at the University of Sunehnawl in Fyxoom. He is also interested in music and plays the sewvore; his favorite genres of music are Clofabian music and Anbirese opera.



Schngellstein's alt-history version of Tricin, called an Smaoch in Tíogall, often use ideas used in his conworld Earth.

  • Quame
    • Not-quite-Thensarian (stop system: p b φ t d θ k g x q ɢ χ)
      • Tigol: quasi-literal Irish
        • Tíogall (retconned German-ish Skellic with mutations)
    • Wieber (a Quihum language spoken in Bjeheond)
    • Naquian
      • Alt-hist Naquic languages
  • Lakovic


  • A 3-part fugue in 8ed(3/2)