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Segin Þwhgad (born fT 2438; aged 37) is a Sowaár-born Fyxoomian composer.

Early life and education

Þwhgad was born in the city of 'Onápaam in Sowaárpí...

Around graduation, Þwhgad began to study with composers. In fT 2255 he participated in the regional composition competition Farca Cøøve and won first prize.

Current life and work

Þwhgad is currently a freelance composer. His main interest is imagining music in fictional cultures. Among the general public he is fairly well-known for his film and video game scores. Þwhgad's most iconic works include his (the sci-fi musical drama).

Þwhgad runs a blog on music and composition.



  • An opera is based on Dobot'och, a popular sci-fi series about a sentient race with a biological caste system. (premise stolen from Amenta)
  • An opera based on the life of a fictional Ramanujan figure.

Personal life

Þwhgad currently lives with Mavor Heðrys, an artist and architect.