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The Swuntsim are an ethnoreligious community; the religion they practice is called Swuntsimism (Sacred Swuntsim: pdaSxwəncim 'Swuntsim-ness'; Modern Swuntsim: pdaSfətsiv; Eevo: Sfytsivih).


Dunno if they should have an ethno-religion. Talman religion is a lot like Judaism, complete with a Talmud (the Imthumăytil)

Maybe the Swuntsim do have an ethnoreligion but don't have a Talmud


Traditional Swuntsim belief holds that all Swuntsim are descended from Ücəgüsvaσ (Sacred Swuntsim: ʔUkwəwusmaσ).


Polygamy is banned, unlike in Talman culture.

Modernist Swuntsimism

Modernist Swuntsimism (Swuntsim: pdaSfətsiv tibayəξoeσ) is a modern Talman liberal form of Swuntsimism which developed after the Groudian Revolution.