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Ancient literature

  • Ancient Talmic, Windermere etc. epics
  • Tracts describing religious rituals such as hand-washing
  • Sondmoridh Manuscripts
  • The Ngăthoar

Gweats literature

Fnüeng literature

Classical Period literature

  • Emisom Grouid's translations and poetry
  • Lesch Mltzhyphe's tragedies
  • Etsoj Jopah's poetry
  • Alice in Wonderland/Proto-Hofstadterian stuff

Romantic literature

  • Industrial revolution, some of its harms
    • Two opposing camps: one favors returning to preindustrial society and one favors more tech and social development to fix problems

Horror and science fiction

In Talma, horror literature first took off in Amphir during the Romantic period and its literary influence spread to Skella and Fyxoom, which developed it into Lovecraft-esque science fiction literature. Horror literature also greatly influenced Talman classical music during the late Romantic period.

hm, i would picture a lovecraftian romance to have the romance be... consuming, destructive, the world falling around it
like an occultist gone mad but the relationship they have with their god is more... personal
if i want to be "literary" i could easily imagine consuming romance as related here to like, consuming forbidden nowledge


  • Hyjad Orphair was a late Romantic author who is best known for her enormously successful Jyndychouis cycle of horror + romance novels. It was made into a vylám (opera) Jyndychouis by the Amphirese composer Propanol Mochraid, the best known of the late Talman Romantic vyláms.

Modern literature

Science fiction