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Tumhan or the Republic of Tumhan (English: toom-HAHN or toom-HAN; Windermere: fi Bintălisral Tumang; Hlou: Gle Mba Tu Mäb) is a country in Bjeheond. It's sometimes colloquially referred to as fi Tsărir Scuay Șir (the Great Gray East) in Windermere, alluding to its usually cloudy climate.

Its anthem is [telegraphic Hlou poem].

Its president is Srăga Wey Ăntaw (Wei Ntraub) and its finance minister is Chawng Le (Schäub Le).

Its capital is Łe Daw (Hlou: Schleb Dau).


Why would Tumhan split off from the USB? did it start out as a completely Windermere colony?


  • Mong-i-u (Möb I Us)
  • Fincreaș
  • Năthoch Mies
  • Ir Păchnay Sămtsay


A "singing revolution"?


The two official languages of Tumhan are Hlou and Windermere. Schong is also widely spoken.



  • Schleid Zeib in the Wäb province
  • Momh Radh - Ko-speaking


The Polytechnic Institute of Fincreaș is one of the leading universities in the Windermere speaking world; it follows the Naquian art-centric curriculum.



Ethnic music

Clofabian style improvisation?


Tumhan is the birthplace of Impressionism in Tricin.

Famous Tumhanians

  • Schnab Kön-Ig - Hlou mathematician?
  • Coască "Traus-Heib" Schaß - Hlou author and poet; the first to use Schngellstein's orthography for Hlou
  • Aodhàn Lo (Sieß Lob) - inventor; developed hydrogen-powered vehicles
  • Săbur hef Inthar - Naquophile, polymath and friend of Etsoj Jopah; founder of the Polytechnic Institute of Fincreaș
  • Srăga Way Ăntrau (Wei Ntraub) - President of Tumhan
  • Mangfeas Tley (Ra-Schied Tleib) - lawmaker
  • Pda Sawng (Nob Schwed Säuß) = children's book author
  • Pfein Glau = actress