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Zagvneti (Zagṿneti /zagvneti/) is a country in Talma, where Tsrovesh is spoken. Its capital is Asaragi.

The president of Zagvneti is Vran Rumidzashvli.


Temperate marine climate?


About 70% of Zagvnetians speak Tsrovesh as a native language. Common second languages include Panampon and Häskä.

History and culture

Literary movements

Zagvnetia is home to the literary tradition of realism (atsegeban).

  • Poetry declines in popularity?
  • Science fiction written in the style of science papers can be a common modern literary form (as in "The Endochronic Properties of Resublimated Thiotimoline" by Isaac Asimov)


Generally isolated from Skellan, Anbirese and Windermere influence, hence less "elitist"?

Some ideas can be drawn from Chinese and Greek music


Tserovesh music distinguishes three types of tetrachord (ivtadz): diatonic (metsvikheba), chromatic (mesaroleba), and enharmonic (mechkhlveba).


There is very little overlap between vocal and instrumental styles. Songs are typically based on the contours of speech but quantized to a particular scale.

For Tserovesh instrumental music: some instruments that are weird by Western and/or Chinese standards?