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herIdosm (herr-ee-DOH-səm or herr-ee-DOS-əm; Idosian: 〈hɛ〉 /heɹiˈdosm̩~heʋiˈdosm̩/) is a major East Txapoallian country.


Idosian cuisine uses a variety of seafoods.


Idosian music uses 22edo; it is similar to Shalian music.

Tetrachordal music

The earliest recorded Idosian tradition was based on tetrachords like Ancient Greek music. herIdosm is the birthplace of tetrachords in northern Txapoalli. From there they spread to səHetom and Sowaárp'í.

  • huwozkw (cl 5) = tetrachord?
  • sətsfimi səraši = equable (lit. even) tetrachord
  • sətsfimi (cl 10) = genus (lit. hue)
  • terms for equable, diatonic, chromatic and enharmonic tetrachords
  • terms for intervals.

Notably from a Western viewpoint, Neutral seconds and very small intervals from 50 and 70 cents were used.

7 note scales

based on 5 or 7 limit JI?

Harmonic period

Talman educated Idosians proposed the idea of a 22-division system