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Conlang Relay (known by some as Conlingual Telephone) is a game devised by conlangers wherein the players (attempt to!) translate each other's texts into either their own or another's conlang. Usually, relays are run on the relay mailing list but sometimes they pop up in other places (e.g. Tumblr, here, Deviantart, etc.)

Selected article

The first Linguifex relay is under planning stage. Currently we have 6 slots. Remember to try to include an interlinear gloss. The procedure is simple, you will receive a conlang text from the previous torch with an interlinear/gloss and then you will translate it into your conlang and add information so that the next torch can decipher it and translate their version! You will have 48 hours from the time of having received the text to prepare a translation of it into your conlang, gloss it and then send it to the next person in the chain.

The date will be set after the slots have been filled. Everyone is welcome to partake, but for reasons of convenience, an account on Linguifex is required (as the posting of the material will be on talk pages and such).

Sign-ups are → here.

In the news

Fourth Linguifex Relay

The Fourth Linguifex Relay has been finished: ei! jån' kähne Jündemruoger!

Upcoming relays

Did you know?

Did you know the first relay was Starlings' Song aka Hanleni Halsen by Irina Rempt? It featured an impressive array of 18 different constructed languages and caused major excitement in the conlanging community.

Related portals

  • The Library - hosts all texts under the Literature: namespace.
  • Contionary - holds all words under the Contionary: namespace.

Things to do

  • Category:Meta, fix the templates for relay-making and interlinear glosses.
  • Literature add links to relevant library sections re: relays

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