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Plūs quam dīcī potest dīcere, hōc est fortūna crūdēlis fabrōrum linguārum

Star.png This user, Fauxlosophe, has created the Fén Ghír language which was later featured thanks to its level of quality, plausibility and usage capabilities.

Productive.png This user, Fauxlosophe, has through labour and time become one of the most productive members of the community!

About Me

I'm not one for introductions really but I figure anything is better than a redlink.

English is my first language but I have a strong command of French or at least the best that can expected of someone who learnt it academically; I tend to be a touch overly formal and obtuse and am prone to typoes [though my English can be much the same at times] but I can understand most of what I read or hear. I've got a bit of Spanish picked up as electives which builds off my already flawed French into something painful when I'm forced to speak it myself but I understand a large portion of it and most other romance languages at this point. I'm looking to pick up Irish and have a few key points of understanding in the language, though progress is slow.

My interest in conlanging is probably built on a combined interest in real life linguistics and worldbuilding/writing projects I get myself wrapped up in from time to time. I found this site while looking for ideas and information both for my personal project that I've be working on sporadically over the last couple years or so.

Conlanging Philosophy & Skills

My intro to Linguistics was essentially through Conlanging and so my ability to use terms are definitely limited. I've always enjoyed experimenting with English and my limited experience with other languages, archiac forms and dialects provide me with some basis for how words can have subtlely different uses or more general connotations added to them.

I think in some ways, this lack of linguistic experience benefits me in that it forces me to be inventive and try to reuse things in unique ways and invent new connotations for words to work around a lacking vocabulary. This seems to sometimes produce results that are a bit more naturalistic than a language designed from the ground up by a linguist. However, many rough patches do show through and I'm definitely glad to be picking up linguistics as I go; my next language family should be a little more polished in presentation. A further detriment is the fact that my mindset is very firmly planted in [relatively modern] Western European languages due to my relying mostly on my practical experience which mostly derives from there. This, for better or worse, inclines me toward Fantasy languages that emulate Indo-European languages, thus "Elf-Latins" so to speak.

My Projects

My primary conlang is Fén Ghír, which is fairly functional at this stage. It was originally developed for a game, which initially fell through before finally being ressurrected before a slow death. I find the language handy however and will likely ressurrect it whenever I'm in need of a conlang for either games or fictional works. Presently, I'm messing with sibling languages of what I am currently refering to as the "Galavic" language family. This has born fruit with Cwengâr which, as it retains most of Fén Ghír's rules and is largely usable already, adopting much of the large Fén vocabulary. After this, I hope to develop both a descendant of Cwengâr and another outlier for the Galavic family.

From there, I hope to populate the world Sphaera [or at least the continent of Borealis] as a whole. Details can be seen on the [Conworld:Sphaera| Sphaera] page here, with additional notes on [Conworld:Sphaera/Sandbox| the Sandbox version] though these are prone to change. If only because most of the original creators seemed to loathe cases with a passion unknown to me.

However this is a long term project, the full extent of which I don't expect to realize in the immediate future, barring someone volunteering to take on a branch or two themselves. So, for the time being, I'll be updating sporadically as time and ideas allow.

My Location

Currently, I'm centrally located at Linguifex which is an awesome community, if only for the fact that it periodically trims useless pages so I can spy on useful languages as opposed to old half done sketches. My goal is to complete more work here and then outsource to places like Frathwiki and Conlang Wikia.

I'm not really sure what my goal or limit will be before outsourcing Fén; 1000-1500 words and/or a complete Grammar, is at the forefront of my mind but these are a bit lofty. Generally the rule is "When it looks complete to me".

There are older notes on Conlang Wikia and Wikkii, however while the grammars there are still largely functional, Linguifex should be considered authoritative.

Final Notes

Send me a message on discussion if you want to chat and I should usually get to it pretty quickly unless buried under work.

All the best,